In the following a brief introduction to Diependael Lease and an explanation of the possibilities that Diependael Lease can offer your company.

Originally, Diependael Lease is an independent leasing company, focusing on Vendor-Leasing. In the course of the years, Diependael Lease has specialized in machines for the metal and synthetic industry. In recent years, machines and installations for the food industry, packaging industry as well as containers and pallets for the major retail chains, have been added to this. Although Diependael Lease is originally a vendor-lease company, based on repeat requests, an increasing number of direct leases is concluded.

Apart from its knowledge of object financing, Diependael Lease is experienced in fitting lease terms into the existing budget. This knowledge and experience enables us to compile responsible and advantageous lease constructions for you. A customized lease solution which fits in with your company’s potential, with acceptable risks and optimum possibilities for growth. In this way we help you transcend your boundaries.

In The Netherlands and in the Benelux countries, Diependael Lease is working with various prominent financial institutions. For applications elsewhere in Europe, Diependael Lease works with correspondents in the major finance centers of Europe, such as London and Frankfurt.

Are you planning to invest in sustainable production resources, do you want to know more about leasing to implement your plans and are you looking for a reliable financing partner? Do not hesitate to contact us!